How The Quick Cash Loan Process Works


The first step in the quick cash loan process is to complete the simple and safe online application provided to you. Once we have your completed application, the lenders in our network will compete for the opportunity to meet your request. We will match you with the lender that best suits your financial needs.

Once approved, you will receive a loan offer. If you determine the offer meets your requirements and you accept the terms of the loan, the funds you desire will be deposited directly into your bank account.

The list of criteria to qualify for a quick cash loan up to $10,000 include:

  • U.S. citizenship or legal residency
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Possession of a valid checking account
  • Possession of an email address and phone number
  • Income of no less than $800 a month

The Application

The online application we provide requires approximately 3 minutes to complete. The technology we use will instantly make your application available to the approved lenders in our network. The funding provider that best suits your needs will be matched to you.

Once approved, you will be presented with the complete terms of the loan offer. You are not required to accept this loan. We remind the consumer that quick cash loans should be used for emergencies only.

Your lender may also request additional information from you based on the laws in your state or jurisdiction.

Fund Transfer

Once you have reviewed and accepted the terms of your quick cash loan, your lender will transfer the funds to you as soon as possible. Whether or not you receive the requested funds on the same day or have to wait for the next business day will depend on the time of day your application was received. The lenders in our network require loan applicants to possess a valid checking account where funds can be delivered.

Safe And Simple

The privacy of our site is protected with 256 bit SSL encryption. We do not handle consumer data without assurances all website security protocols are maintained. You can rest easy in the knowledge that the information you provide to our lender network is secure.

You can look to the lock in the top left of your browser, just before the ‘https’ in the web address, as an assurance our website is both compliant and safe 24 hours a day.

Electronic Payments

For the benefit of borrowers, there is no need to send payments on a loan through the postal service. You will also not be required to travel to a storefront to pay on your loan. The money needed to pay your monthly loan notes will be conveniently debited from the checking account you listed on your application each month.

Loan Terms

Our company is not the originator of loans or credit to the consumers that apply through our website. Each of the lenders in our network set their own fees and interest rates for the loans they provide. The state you call home may also influence the amount of money you can borrow, as well as, the amount of interest you have to pay on the loan.

When considering a quick cash loan, you should request a loan for the minimum amount of money needed to address your emergency. You should also carefully consider the cost of the loan and make sure you can afford to repay the loan in the allotted time.

If you find it difficult to repay your quick cash loan, contact your lender immediately. Explain the circumstances of your problem to them and they may be able to extend the due date of your loan.

Repayment Policies

Failure to repay the principle of the loan, along with all applicable fees, by the due date in which both the lender and borrower agreed, may cause additional fees to be added to the terms of the loan. This situation may also result in collection activities being initiated.

You should carefully read the loan terms in the documents your lender presents to you before agreeing to the terms.

You should also understand our company is not an active participant in the loan process and is not able to renew a loan for you. You should contact your lender to discuss the possibility of a loan renewal if one is needed. We also do not play a role in enforcing repayment by the borrower.

Borrowers should make sure they follow the terms and conditions of repayment outlined in the lending agreement. Failure to do so will result in your lender using an approved method of contact to set up a payment resolution. It is also important to remember that information regarding defaults and delinquencies will be forwarded to credit bureaus.

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